Thursday, October 1, 2009

30 Days of Fright - Prologue

October is finally here, so the best holiday of the year is nearly with us. As in previous years all the gang are gearing up for big night out, especially as this year Halloween falls on a Saturday, and luckily like last year we don’t have too much to do in terms of preparation. So I’m free to sit through a month of horror films and then bleat on about what I thought of them, hopefully making you smile from time to time and definitely making me feel like a big clever clogs!

Last year’s series, 27 Days of Fright, was put together on the fly as October was already about five days old when the idea occurred to me. The films were picked out as I went along so there were some very real fears in the early stages that I’d be reviewing the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series as I had the box set and nothing else to watch. Fortunately for everyone, I managed to get my hands on a few other movies and Freddy Krueger only got the one outing.

This year a half-arsed attempt at planning was undertaken. Movies were thought about well in advance; it turns out a little too much in advance as I forgot all the films I had in mind. So, my own DVD collection was raided for suitable flicks. With this done, I only had to get hold of another 28 movies. I borrowed a number of DVDs off some friends and the rest I recorded on Sky+ (which is kinda like TiVo, for those outside Ireland and the UK). About half of the current list of films is on DVD and the other half are recorded from Sky Movies and the Sci-Fi channel.

The list is not yet set in stone, so should a good film come my way, or should something decent turn up on TV over the next wee while then my plans could change, but any changes are likely to be minor. One minor change that I hope will help those re-reading the series at a future date is that the name of each of the posts will include the name of the film being reviewed (you’ll see what I mean tomorrow).

This year the watching of the films is going to be a little different too as I’ve recently had the opportunity to put together a home cinema setup – my own little big screen, though this is only for the DVD’s, I’ll just have to settle for the 50” plasma for the others… poor me…

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